Beth’s latest shows

This was from Fridays show at Jeremy Laing, I love this picture. It was taken by Le 21 Arrondissement.

Jeremy Laing 5

Beth was in 3 shows today: Alice Ritter, Cynthia Steffe, and Katie Gallagher

Bethany in the Alice Ritter show:

Alice Ritter group

Alice Ritter 5

Alice RitterAlice Ritter group 2Alice Ritter group 3Alice Ritter group 4

Cynthia Steffe show:

Cynthia Steffe

Cynthia Steffe 2

Cynthia Steffe 6Cynthia Steffe 4Cynthia Steffe 5

Cynthia Steffe 3

Well here’s the show but there’s not much coverage of Bethany. You do see her walking off the runway in the brown cape but I never saw her in the green outfit at all.

Backstage pics from the Katie Gallagher show:

Katie Gallagher backstage 2

Katie Gallagher backstage

Katie Gallagher

More shots of the Jeremy Laing show:

Jeremy Laing 3Jeremy Laing 4.5Jeremy Laing 4

backstage at Jeremy Laing (Beth is texting or playing a game as usual.)

Jeremy Laing back stage


1 thought on “Beth’s latest shows

  1. She looks so innocent at the Alice Ritter show. Who could wear that outfit without looking pregnant but someone as thin as Bethany? She looks gorgeous at the Cynthia Steffe show. Can’t wait to see the completed look for the Katie Gallagher.

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