back stage at Cynthia Steffe, Katie Gallagher and Theyskens’ Theory shows

Back stage at Cynthia Steffe, texting as usual…  Cynthia Steffe backstage 3

Cynthia Steffe backstage

Katie Gallagher is known for very avant garde looks. Last night at Milk Studios her showcase lived up to the name, but the makeup was the star. The collection was dark, but not as dark as the heavy eye make up that turned these models into Gothic rock stars. The zombie look fit the very black on black collection. Makeup designer, Javier Romero was the mastermind behind the makeup. Artist used MAC makeup to achieve the creative direction of the collection.- Privy Doll

Bethany in back of line at Katie Gallagher:

Katie Gallagher 1Katie Gallagher 2Katie Gallagher 3Katie Gallagher 4

Bethany in the Theyskens’ Theory show:

theyskens theory

Click on this link to watch the full runway show:


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