Beth’s last show in NY, Vacca

They were doing something weird with the shadows or with the makeup, it makes her face look funny in some of the pics. She was also wearing red mascara that she kept on for her flight home. By the time she got to Columbus it had smeared around her eyes and made her look like she was diseased. That may have been why people were staring at her in the airport (she thought it was because she was eating Oreos.)

Vacca 2Vacca 3Vacca 4Vacca 5

Again with the shoes; they were so small they had to cut them so they would fit on her big feet. Then they liked the look without the laces, so you’ll notice in the video all the girls feet were shaking just a little.


You see a quick shot of Beth at the beginning:

No pics of Beth at this site but it gives you a feel for what the show was like


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