The Bodkin Exhibition

This was an exhibition that Beth did back on Tues that I just found the pictures to.

Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

I wish I could zoom in on Beth’s shoes, you’ll notice how far her toes are hanging over. But at least they’re not confined.

Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

There were a lot of pictures taken at this exhibition, which means you can get caught in some interesting poses. Contrary to how it looks she did not fall asleep while doing this show. She was looking down to make sure she wasn’t too close to the edge. She fell off the blocks a few times at this show before she moved to a bigger platform.

Bodkin Fall 2011 PresentationBodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

I asked Beth if her shirt was supposed to be folded in the front like that and she said it was actually sewn like that. Why? She really wasn’t sure. I keep saying this is like a paid internship (since she eventually wants to be a fashion designer) she is definitely learning a lot about different styles of clothing.


Beth’s in the back peeking through.

Eviana Hartman with models, Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

First Looks, Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation


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