Off to London

Beth has been home exactly 17 days after her whirlwind 6 weeks of “fashion week.” She spent her first several days home, in exile in her bedroom completely clearing out 18 years worth of clutter, clothes, dolls, posters and everything else a pack rat accumulates over time. She now says her room feels more like a hotel than a bedroom. But she’s happy with the lack of clutter and chaos. I have plans to spackle the 4 million holes that have accumulated since the last time we redid her room, just 1.5 years ago and repaint it a softer, less pink color. I do want her to have a peaceful room she can retreat into during her short visits at home, in-between her trips around the world. Maybe that will keep her from moving to New York too soon.

She also spent some time with friends. She was able to reconnected with an old friend, Grace, that was home for spring break. And she spent lots of time with her BFF Lena, mostly going out to eat, driving around aimlessly and shopping.

She had a shopping list of items that we needed to get for her upcoming travels. We found most of the items she wanted but there are still a few elusive items that we will need to keep an eye out for. She got a new luggage set from her Grandparents for her b-day, our last set slightly disintegrated on the trip home from Europe. She also got a whole slew of new clothes from H&M that will be great for future castings, also for her b-day but from her other Grandparents. The clothes fall into line with Beth’s new look that the agency has assigned her; very fitted and all black with a hard edge. Nothing pretty, flowing or Spring looking for this upcoming trip. Its very hard not to be tempted by the pretty clothes in the store. She also got a new pair of Tom’s shoes (in black of course) and a new pair of Converse (also in black) both of those and her combat boots will make up her shoes for this trip to London, along with a few pairs of heels thrown in for the castings. Beth was also on the lookout for a slightly stylish black backpack to carry around her heels and portfolio. We finally found what she was looking for at Nordstrom’s, who knew that Mark Jacobs designed a backpack? Unfortunately, at almost $200 it was a bit out of our budget. Well maybe next year…

We also got to celebrate Beth’s 18th b-day while she was home, we had a big family party at one Grandparents house, then a smaller family party at her other Grandparents. We also got to have our regular crepe breakfast on her b-day. She had plenty of time to see family while she was home, even having overnights with almost all of her cousins; Annie, Nina and all 3 Burley girls.

There were also dentist, orthodontist and Dr. appointments that needed to be done. While we were able to get most of that taken care of the Dr. appointment was missed by 1 day and needs to be rescheduled. She also has a possible broken tooth that will have to be dealt with in a month when she comes home. I thought scheduling all of her various Dr. appointments was difficult before, now with her limited time at home it’s just about impossible.

On her last night in town Karen, our neighbor and Beth’s BFF since she was 4 years old, came over for a sleepover and movie night. The girls watched Princess Diaries 1 and 2. Beth had to be prepared just in case she met the Queen during her trip to London. And what better way to prepare than by watching the royal lessons in the Princess Diaries. Unfortunately, Beth will be flying home on the day of the Royal Wedding so she is missing her chance at seeing William and Kate and the royal wedding procession as it makes it’s way to Westminster Abbey.

Todays schedule includes packing for her month in London, picking up a new sketch book at the store and getting to the airport by 4pm. Her cell phone has been turned back on for international travel, and I think we have maybe figured out how to use Google Voice for free international texting and low cost long distance calls. Plus she has finally got Skype working on her computer so hopefully that will actually work with video for this whole trip. We bought a couple electrical converters so she is able to charge her phone and computer. She also has a pocket map of London and a map of the tube (the London subway) along with a travel guide just in case she gets to do some sightseeing. She really wants to see Big Ben and sit on the clock hands just like Peter Pan, I don’t think that’s part of the regular tour, though.

I think we are as prepared as we can possibly be and I don’t even feel like I’m going to throw up, well at least not yet.


Beth’s Paris round up

Here’s Beth’s show card for Paris:

Bethany_Terry show card Paris

Bethany_Terry show card Paris 2

She did a total of 7 shows in Paris

We arrived in Paris on Feb 28th and she was already in a show the next day. Her first show was Anthony Vaccarello:



The next day was the Peachoo Kerjberg show:

Peachoo Krejberg look 2

Peachoo Krejberg 1

Peachoo Krejberg finale

Her next day was spent doing castings and fittings but she was back in the shows on the 4th with Amaya Arzuaga:

Amaya Arzuaga 2Amaya Arzuaga look 2

Amaya Arzuaga finale

Then another day of castings and fittings, things were starting to slow down a bit at this point, leaving us some time to explore Paris in-between appointments. On the 6th she was in the Kenzo show:

Kenzo 3

The backdrop of lights at this show was so cool

Kenzo 2

For the finale all the models walked out together in a big group, which is a bit tricky with all those long flowing dresses.

Kenzo group

Then the Commuun show:

Commuun 1Commuun 5Commuun look 2, 5

and here she is backstage at Commuun, check out that make-up.

Commuun backstage


And finally on the last day of shows, for Beth, she had 2. First off was JC de Castelbajac:

Jean Charles de Castelbajac 3

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac close upJean Charles de Castelbajac close up 2

In the audience was Kanye West and Katy Perry

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Katy & Kanye

And her final show in Paris was Moncler Gamma Rouge. Since this show was all about the coats they really played up the weather, the models were supposed to act how they would in each situation. Beth’s was running through the rain. This was my favorite show.



here she is backstage, I love her hair like this.


One of Beth’s paparazzi pictures from outside the shows, I didn’t move from the background quite quick enough.


Happy 18th Birthday, to my little girl


who’s not such a little girl anymore…..

NY pic

This is Lena’s favorite (recent) picture of Beth and a lot more like her little girl self.

Alice Ritter

Beth’s morning started with being woken up by her BFF Lena, then we all ate our requisite b-day crepes. This was Lena’s first time having crepes. I don’t understand, doesn’t everyone do b-day crepes? Man I took really bad pictures of breakfast.




Now the girls are off to do a few things that you need to be 18 to do, cash in a winning $1 lottery ticket and buy a new one then register to vote. There was talk of buying a firearm but that idea was thankfully put to rest. There’s just not much else you can do when you finally turn 18.

***this was supposed to post yesterday but everything electronic that I touched quit working. argh!

Beth’s Milan round-up

We got home from Europe last week and it has taken me since then to recover and get back into my groove. We had a great time but it was so much more work than we expected and it was much more emotionally draining than I would have ever thought.

But Beth did GREAT and had a fabulous time.

Here is a recap of the 4 shows she did in Milan:

Her first show was in Haute, this was before I got to Milan.

Haute close upHaute look 2

Then the AMAZING happened, at the very last minute she was confirmed for Prada. I literally mean the VERY last minute, she actually had to skip the finale for the Haute show so she could be rushed by Vespa to the Prada show just 20 minutes before it was scheduled to start. I also missed seeing her in this show, I even missed the live feed since that’s when my plane was boarding for my flight to Milan.

Prada 4Prada close up

The red shoe/ boot is Beth’s. It looks like a sock and shoe but it’s actually all one piece. It took her 20 min to squeeze her foot into it but she was not going to give up.

Prada shoes

The next day was the Marni show and I was finally in Milan to watch her. It was so exciting to be there with her.

Marni 3

Marni shoes 2

Her last show in Milan was C’N’C’ Costume National. At least I think this was her last show, honestly at this point I can’t remember being at this show and its not on my schedules.

CNC Costume National

and here’s one last shot in Milan of Beth and AJ (taken on an iPhone with a cool photo app)

AJ & Beth

After all the fun in Milan we flew over to Paris for 9 days of craziness….