Happy 18th Birthday, to my little girl


who’s not such a little girl anymore…..

NY pic

This is Lena’s favorite (recent) picture of Beth and a lot more like her little girl self.

Alice Ritter

Beth’s morning started with being woken up by her BFF Lena, then we all ate our requisite b-day crepes. This was Lena’s first time having crepes. I don’t understand, doesn’t everyone do b-day crepes? Man I took really bad pictures of breakfast.




Now the girls are off to do a few things that you need to be 18 to do, cash in a winning $1 lottery ticket and buy a new one then register to vote. There was talk of buying a firearm but that idea was thankfully put to rest. There’s just not much else you can do when you finally turn 18.

***this was supposed to post yesterday but everything electronic that I touched quit working. argh!


2 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday, to my little girl

  1. Little Bethy is all grown up, although that picture or her and Lena at breakfast makes her look about 12. Still a kid at heart and hopefully the rest of her!

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