Beth’s Paris round up

Here’s Beth’s show card for Paris:

Bethany_Terry show card Paris

Bethany_Terry show card Paris 2

She did a total of 7 shows in Paris

We arrived in Paris on Feb 28th and she was already in a show the next day. Her first show was Anthony Vaccarello:



The next day was the Peachoo Kerjberg show:

Peachoo Krejberg look 2

Peachoo Krejberg 1

Peachoo Krejberg finale

Her next day was spent doing castings and fittings but she was back in the shows on the 4th with Amaya Arzuaga:

Amaya Arzuaga 2Amaya Arzuaga look 2

Amaya Arzuaga finale

Then another day of castings and fittings, things were starting to slow down a bit at this point, leaving us some time to explore Paris in-between appointments. On the 6th she was in the Kenzo show:

Kenzo 3

The backdrop of lights at this show was so cool

Kenzo 2

For the finale all the models walked out together in a big group, which is a bit tricky with all those long flowing dresses.

Kenzo group

Then the Commuun show:

Commuun 1Commuun 5Commuun look 2, 5

and here she is backstage at Commuun, check out that make-up.

Commuun backstage


And finally on the last day of shows, for Beth, she had 2. First off was JC de Castelbajac:

Jean Charles de Castelbajac 3

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac close upJean Charles de Castelbajac close up 2

In the audience was Kanye West and Katy Perry

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Katy & Kanye

And her final show in Paris was Moncler Gamma Rouge. Since this show was all about the coats they really played up the weather, the models were supposed to act how they would in each situation. Beth’s was running through the rain. This was my favorite show.



here she is backstage, I love her hair like this.


One of Beth’s paparazzi pictures from outside the shows, I didn’t move from the background quite quick enough.



2 thoughts on “Beth’s Paris round up

  1. How is it possible that one of the outfits managed to make Beth look fat? Who in the normal world could wear it? I’m talking about the nearly nude photo in the Amaya Arzuaga show.
    I didn’t realize she had done so many shows. That’s great. You should both be so proud.

    • I actually didn’t include some of the pics that I thought made Beth look really big. Seriously if you’re making the model look fat there is no hope for the rest of us.

      She did 22 shows between NY, Milan and Paris!

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