Dan’s Pond

The pond is a labor of love for Dan, personally I just think it’s a lot of work! It seems that every year the whole thing has to be rebuilt. Then there are the leaks, broken pumps and broken lights. All through the Winter and most the Spring it is torn down and a complete mess. But during the summer when Dan has it all set up it is beautiful and the most relaxing place to sit.


Dan has an obsession with rocks, he has collected all these rocks during his fishing trips and journeys. He’s always gathering rocks. And he actually knows all his rocks and where they came from. Rocks are taking over my yard! I think we need a rock intervention.


This is the Lady of the Lake, she was a statue in our neighbors yard, when he passed away his partner gave her to us. Dan gave her a little love and returned her to her previous life of a working fountain.


And this is the fish boy, he also came from our neighbors yard. Sometimes he has water flowing and other times he just sits.


Now we just need to have some friends over and have Dan make his awesome-super-fantastic Pina Coladas!

Dossier Journal

Skye Parrott and Heidi Bivens create an appealing tribute to the newest fashions and strongest new girls, as selected by casting director Natalie Joos in the latest issue of Dossier Journal – the bi annual arts, culture and fashion infused journal.  Sporting natural hair and makeup by Anthony Nader and Talia Sholbrook, paired with colorful outfits from the likes of Christopher Kane, Erdem and 3.1 Phllip Lim, the girls look fresh and unique: perfectly in line with the spirit of the season.

Bethany Terry

Dempsey Stewart and Lisa Bommerson

Charlotte Free

Frances Coombe and Codie Young

Luisa Bianchin

Xiao Wen Ju and Kate King

Herieth Paul

Credits Models.com

Chanel fashion show in Istanbul

Since I have not yet been able to find any pictures of Bethany in the Chanel show we will have to settle with what I have stumbled upon:

Chanel fashion show at Ciragan Kempinsky


Famous French brand Chanel presented the new collection Paris- Byzance at Ciragan Kempinski in Istanbul.

The models walked on Turkish carpets and guests were sitting on special pillows on the floor.

With special affects and light show, Chanel created a mini palace atmosphere during this show.

As well as the Turkish high society, famous actress Kirsten Dunst was also one of the guests watching the fashion show.

Turkish society arrived an hour early to get the best place but they had to wait at the gate until the show started.

All the make-up before it has been invaded by the pre-show chaos:

Notice Bethany in the reflection

The only picture of Bethany, so far.


Not Beth, just a picture of the runway:


Models sashayed down the terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, against the backdrop of a virtual palace.

The authentic decor added a new dimension to the opulence and vibrant colours of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 collection.




Kirsten Dunst sat on a pouffe in the front row wearing Chanel (of course).

Vegas, Baby!

At the beginning of the month I got to go to Las Vegas for a whole week with my mom, sister, her BFF Jenny and mother-in-law Judy. The trip was to celebrate both Mom and Judy’s retirement. We stayed at the Paris Hotel/ Casino and kept hoping that we would run into Bethany who was in real Paris at the same time. We never did.

One of our favorite daily events was the happy hour drink specials at the Sugar Factory (which is in the Paris Hotel.) Normally the drinks were $15 each but for happy hour it was buy 1 get 1 free. So we would go and have one of the best drinks I have ever had.


We also did 2 spa days, the first one was just OK we got pedicures at The Flamingo. Their “spa” area was really not up to our Vegas expectations with only 1 Jacuzzi and just a steam room and sauna. Pretty much the same as any gym.

But our visit to the Qua bath and spa at Caesars Palace was AMAZING!

Roman Baths
The baths consist of three distinct pools, varying in temperature and size. Your experience begins in the largest of the pools, the Tepidarium, with warm mineral-enriched waters to help restore natural elements of your body’s skin. You can then alternate between two smaller pools, the Caldarium and the Frigidarium. The hot waters of the Caldarium ease daily tension and soothe tired muscles, while a quick plunge into the cold waters of the Frigidarium invigorates your body. Water massages, Thermal Stone Deep Relaxation Chaises and exhilarating overhead rain showers complete this spectacular, one-of-a-kind experience.

Laconium Room
Inspired by the ancient Roman steam baths, the Laconium sauna uses heat to warm your body from the inside out, keeping it warm and loose between treatments.

Arctic Ice Room
Surrounded by a beautiful dome ceiling and glass tiled walls, the Arctic Ice Room is a place to unwind. Heated floors and benches comfort you in the crisp 55 degree room as falling snow relieves your stress.

Here is the entrance to the spa:IMG_0354

We all had the Vichy Shower treatment which is like a massage and shower combined all into one. It was fabulous. We spent several hours relaxing in the spa area and getting our treatments. It was a great way to quiet the noise of Vegas.

(pic. from web site)

We did lots of walking and exploring (and gambling, of course.) This is part of The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens’ pathway at The Bellagio.


Here’s the view looking down on the Paris casino. Shauna and I were in line to go to the top of the Eiffel tower.


The Vegas Eiffel Tower is 1/2 the size of the original, I was scared enough going up this one I should be completely terrified if I ever make it to the top of the real one.


We got to watch the Bellagio water show from the Eiffel tower.



And here’s the Vegas strip at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower.


We also visited the Pawn shop where Pawn Stars is filmed. So much smaller than it looks on TV. Notice the line to get in. Although none of the cast seems to work there during regular hours, people come hoping to see them.

Pawn Stars!

One of mom’s favorite machines, Sex in the City. It was like her crack we had to pull her away from it constantly. We did find a group of 4 machines tucked away so Shauna, Mom, Jenny and I all played together and we all won. That was a good pod of machines!


We also had high tea at the Petrossian Bar in the Bellagio.

Ensconced in brocade sofas or velvet high-back chairs, you can sip from a variety of teas while nibbling on open-faced English sandwiches, pastries and scones with Devonshire cream and Baxters preserves.


Not only were the dessert divine but I got an awesome picture of them!

so pretty

It was a wonderful all girls trip to Vegas. The last time we all went was, I think, 5 years ago. I guess that means we’ll all have to head back in another 5 years!

And in case you were wondering, No I didn’t win anything. As a matter of fact I lost all the money I brought. But it was a great vacation none the less!

The Knead Bear

Our friends Rick and Krista Lopez own the best restaurant in the city, Knead Urban Diner. It is our favorite place to eat because as much as possible their food is from local sustainable farms. We love the concept behind the restaurant and we especially love the food. Rick is a great chef and we are so excited that his latest restaurant is so much closer to our neighborhood.

Whenever we can we try to help the restaurant out. Which is how we ended up walking down High street last month during Gallery Hop with Thomas in a bear costume, Dan handing out fliers and me taking pictures of the whole event.


Thomas LOVED his role as the Knead bear. Who knew he would be such a natural? He was silly and playful, it’s amazing how being hidden behind a mask lets you act as crazy as you want.


These Great Danes at the Three Dog Bakery weren’t so sure about the Bear being in their store.


He thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all the people he met.


He especially loved dancing to all the live bands


And I’m sure he loved all the pretty girls that were fawning over him.


This was a video that was being filmed that Thomas just jumped right into, no one seemed to mind so he stuck around for a bit. (Notice the umbrellas, at this point we really started getting wet!)


Thomas put on an impromptu performance for diners to the tune of: You spin my head right round, right round……


Everyone should come on in to Knead!


Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival 2011

Bethany had the opportunity to participate in the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, in the South of France. There were 20 models, 10 designers and 5 days of “model summer camp” as Beth called it, due to the jerseys each group of girls had to wear so they could keep track of which group they were all in. The girls were all housed in the same hotel and transported by bus back and forth to the festival.


Beth and her friend Blake:


Bethy’s 2 looks:



While this picture is a little shocking for us conservative Americans it’s quite a bit more coverage than some of the sheer tops the other models are wearing. Beth applied the Swarovski crystal covering herself with double sided tape, lots of tape. You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction with something like that. I asked her if she was comfortable wearing that and she said she was, she liked the shocked look people had when they realized her breast was bedazzled.

Juliette Alleaume & Marie Vial runway 2

Bethany’s designer Emilie Meldem won the special jury award for her women’s collection Odlhou. Beth’s dress was one of her signature pieces so Beth got to stand with her at the award ceremony.

emilie_meldem awards 3

Beth really liked this designer!

The awards ceremony of the Festival d'Hyeres 2011
Swiss designer Emilie Meldem won the special jury of the 26th Festival d'Hyeres for its women's collection Odlhou.

These are some crazy shoes she had to wear:

Juliette Alleaume & Marie Vial shoes

At the end of each show the models and anyone else that wanted to join in could walk or skip down the runway. Beth loved that part. Here someone caught her feet skipping down the runway:

skipping down the runway

I don’t know if this was once a live swan, but it was just so disturbing that I had to include it. How did he see where he was walking?


During one of their breaks the bus took the models for a short visit to the beach. Here is Beth walking in the Mediterranean Sea.222553_10150174122992005_543142004_7021778_3060618_n

All the food was provided for the girls, doesn’t this massive pan of paella look divine? Beth liked the rice but she was not a fan of the whole squids that were hidden in the rice. She passed all the sea creatures on to Blake who was quite happy to take them.

food at Hyeres


Here are  a few video where you can catch a glimpse of Beth and see how amazing the whole event was. They work better if you double click on them and watch them on the YouTube site.

This is the actual promo video for Hyeres, so no clips of Beth but I just love the narrators voice.

Field Day

Thomas does a once a week homeschooling co-op with about 11 other families. Besides covering some awesome educational subjects we also try to do some of the typical school events that kids usually enjoy; field trips, Valentines Day Party, Science Fair, Choir, Medieval feasts (ok that may just be a homeschooling thing) and Field Day. We always end our co-op in May with Field day one week then the Science Fair the next week. It’s a nice tradition to welcome in summer.

Thomas thoroughly enjoyed all the field day games:

Thomas and Ben (his BFF, if boys have BFF’s) were paired up for all the 2 person events. Here Thomas is racing with Ben inside the wheelbarrow, he managed not to dump his precious cargo.


Then there were animal races, Thomas was a chimpanzee:


For this race you had to get to the bucket with a penny stuck between your knees and drop it in.


You can’t have field day without a 3 legged race!


Thomas and Ben won the race.


tug-o-war, boys vs. girls. The girls won both times. When we did kids vs. parents the kids kicked our butts, but in our defense we were way out numbered!IMG_9759IMG_9775

and a water balloon toss that Thomas and Ben also won! They were a good team.


Thomas doing his happy dance:


The little kids had made paper canoes to go along with their literature class so they had canoe races in the creek. The older kids had fun cheering on the younger kids. They were also happy that for the first time ever they were allowed to play in that creek.


Thomas preparing for the group photo:


Everyone LOVES Thomas!


There were several other games that the kids also played and a cooperative game added in because we are homeschoolers after all.

You know it’s a successful day when you have no injuries and no one ends up crying from hurt feelings!