Field Day

Thomas does a once a week homeschooling co-op with about 11 other families. Besides covering some awesome educational subjects we also try to do some of the typical school events that kids usually enjoy; field trips, Valentines Day Party, Science Fair, Choir, Medieval feasts (ok that may just be a homeschooling thing) and Field Day. We always end our co-op in May with Field day one week then the Science Fair the next week. It’s a nice tradition to welcome in summer.

Thomas thoroughly enjoyed all the field day games:

Thomas and Ben (his BFF, if boys have BFF’s) were paired up for all the 2 person events. Here Thomas is racing with Ben inside the wheelbarrow, he managed not to dump his precious cargo.


Then there were animal races, Thomas was a chimpanzee:


For this race you had to get to the bucket with a penny stuck between your knees and drop it in.


You can’t have field day without a 3 legged race!


Thomas and Ben won the race.


tug-o-war, boys vs. girls. The girls won both times. When we did kids vs. parents the kids kicked our butts, but in our defense we were way out numbered!IMG_9759IMG_9775

and a water balloon toss that Thomas and Ben also won! They were a good team.


Thomas doing his happy dance:


The little kids had made paper canoes to go along with their literature class so they had canoe races in the creek. The older kids had fun cheering on the younger kids. They were also happy that for the first time ever they were allowed to play in that creek.


Thomas preparing for the group photo:


Everyone LOVES Thomas!


There were several other games that the kids also played and a cooperative game added in because we are homeschoolers after all.

You know it’s a successful day when you have no injuries and no one ends up crying from hurt feelings!


3 thoughts on “Field Day

  1. They’re all so grown up now. My boys still have a field day in high school. They call it homeroom olympics. Grace explained that only the popular or athletic kids actually take part in the homeroom olympics. I’m sure Spencer took part and was very competitive about it.

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