Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival 2011

Bethany had the opportunity to participate in the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, in the South of France. There were 20 models, 10 designers and 5 days of “model summer camp” as Beth called it, due to the jerseys each group of girls had to wear so they could keep track of which group they were all in. The girls were all housed in the same hotel and transported by bus back and forth to the festival.


Beth and her friend Blake:


Bethy’s 2 looks:



While this picture is a little shocking for us conservative Americans it’s quite a bit more coverage than some of the sheer tops the other models are wearing. Beth applied the Swarovski crystal covering herself with double sided tape, lots of tape. You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction with something like that. I asked her if she was comfortable wearing that and she said she was, she liked the shocked look people had when they realized her breast was bedazzled.

Juliette Alleaume & Marie Vial runway 2

Bethany’s designer Emilie Meldem won the special jury award for her women’s collection Odlhou. Beth’s dress was one of her signature pieces so Beth got to stand with her at the award ceremony.

emilie_meldem awards 3

Beth really liked this designer!

The awards ceremony of the Festival d'Hyeres 2011
Swiss designer Emilie Meldem won the special jury of the 26th Festival d'Hyeres for its women's collection Odlhou.

These are some crazy shoes she had to wear:

Juliette Alleaume & Marie Vial shoes

At the end of each show the models and anyone else that wanted to join in could walk or skip down the runway. Beth loved that part. Here someone caught her feet skipping down the runway:

skipping down the runway

I don’t know if this was once a live swan, but it was just so disturbing that I had to include it. How did he see where he was walking?


During one of their breaks the bus took the models for a short visit to the beach. Here is Beth walking in the Mediterranean Sea.222553_10150174122992005_543142004_7021778_3060618_n

All the food was provided for the girls, doesn’t this massive pan of paella look divine? Beth liked the rice but she was not a fan of the whole squids that were hidden in the rice. She passed all the sea creatures on to Blake who was quite happy to take them.

food at Hyeres


Here are  a few video where you can catch a glimpse of Beth and see how amazing the whole event was. They work better if you double click on them and watch them on the YouTube site.

This is the actual promo video for Hyeres, so no clips of Beth but I just love the narrators voice.


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    • ooh you should, that would be so fun! What would the fictional story line be? Something exciting. Hmm… we’ll have to keep thinking about that. It definitely would cover the world traveling aspects of your novels.

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