The Knead Bear

Our friends Rick and Krista Lopez own the best restaurant in the city, Knead Urban Diner. It is our favorite place to eat because as much as possible their food is from local sustainable farms. We love the concept behind the restaurant and we especially love the food. Rick is a great chef and we are so excited that his latest restaurant is so much closer to our neighborhood.

Whenever we can we try to help the restaurant out. Which is how we ended up walking down High street last month during Gallery Hop with Thomas in a bear costume, Dan handing out fliers and me taking pictures of the whole event.


Thomas LOVED his role as the Knead bear. Who knew he would be such a natural? He was silly and playful, it’s amazing how being hidden behind a mask lets you act as crazy as you want.


These Great Danes at the Three Dog Bakery weren’t so sure about the Bear being in their store.


He thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all the people he met.


He especially loved dancing to all the live bands


And I’m sure he loved all the pretty girls that were fawning over him.


This was a video that was being filmed that Thomas just jumped right into, no one seemed to mind so he stuck around for a bit. (Notice the umbrellas, at this point we really started getting wet!)


Thomas put on an impromptu performance for diners to the tune of: You spin my head right round, right round……


Everyone should come on in to Knead!



4 thoughts on “The Knead Bear

    • I’m sure if they ask him to, he will. He loved it.

      If you ever plan on going and you want company just let us know. We’re always up for a dinner at Knead! Or if you and your hubby want to go and the kids want to hang out at our house (we live about 5 min. from the restaurant) we could do that too.

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