Vegas, Baby!

At the beginning of the month I got to go to Las Vegas for a whole week with my mom, sister, her BFF Jenny and mother-in-law Judy. The trip was to celebrate both Mom and Judy’s retirement. We stayed at the Paris Hotel/ Casino and kept hoping that we would run into Bethany who was in real Paris at the same time. We never did.

One of our favorite daily events was the happy hour drink specials at the Sugar Factory (which is in the Paris Hotel.) Normally the drinks were $15 each but for happy hour it was buy 1 get 1 free. So we would go and have one of the best drinks I have ever had.


We also did 2 spa days, the first one was just OK we got pedicures at The Flamingo. Their “spa” area was really not up to our Vegas expectations with only 1 Jacuzzi and just a steam room and sauna. Pretty much the same as any gym.

But our visit to the Qua bath and spa at Caesars Palace was AMAZING!

Roman Baths
The baths consist of three distinct pools, varying in temperature and size. Your experience begins in the largest of the pools, the Tepidarium, with warm mineral-enriched waters to help restore natural elements of your body’s skin. You can then alternate between two smaller pools, the Caldarium and the Frigidarium. The hot waters of the Caldarium ease daily tension and soothe tired muscles, while a quick plunge into the cold waters of the Frigidarium invigorates your body. Water massages, Thermal Stone Deep Relaxation Chaises and exhilarating overhead rain showers complete this spectacular, one-of-a-kind experience.

Laconium Room
Inspired by the ancient Roman steam baths, the Laconium sauna uses heat to warm your body from the inside out, keeping it warm and loose between treatments.

Arctic Ice Room
Surrounded by a beautiful dome ceiling and glass tiled walls, the Arctic Ice Room is a place to unwind. Heated floors and benches comfort you in the crisp 55 degree room as falling snow relieves your stress.

Here is the entrance to the spa:IMG_0354

We all had the Vichy Shower treatment which is like a massage and shower combined all into one. It was fabulous. We spent several hours relaxing in the spa area and getting our treatments. It was a great way to quiet the noise of Vegas.

(pic. from web site)

We did lots of walking and exploring (and gambling, of course.) This is part of The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens’ pathway at The Bellagio.


Here’s the view looking down on the Paris casino. Shauna and I were in line to go to the top of the Eiffel tower.


The Vegas Eiffel Tower is 1/2 the size of the original, I was scared enough going up this one I should be completely terrified if I ever make it to the top of the real one.


We got to watch the Bellagio water show from the Eiffel tower.



And here’s the Vegas strip at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower.


We also visited the Pawn shop where Pawn Stars is filmed. So much smaller than it looks on TV. Notice the line to get in. Although none of the cast seems to work there during regular hours, people come hoping to see them.

Pawn Stars!

One of mom’s favorite machines, Sex in the City. It was like her crack we had to pull her away from it constantly. We did find a group of 4 machines tucked away so Shauna, Mom, Jenny and I all played together and we all won. That was a good pod of machines!


We also had high tea at the Petrossian Bar in the Bellagio.

Ensconced in brocade sofas or velvet high-back chairs, you can sip from a variety of teas while nibbling on open-faced English sandwiches, pastries and scones with Devonshire cream and Baxters preserves.


Not only were the dessert divine but I got an awesome picture of them!

so pretty

It was a wonderful all girls trip to Vegas. The last time we all went was, I think, 5 years ago. I guess that means we’ll all have to head back in another 5 years!

And in case you were wondering, No I didn’t win anything. As a matter of fact I lost all the money I brought. But it was a great vacation none the less!


3 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Great photos. Did you go in the ice room with the falling snow? That whole spa thing sounds very Saturday Night Live-ish, as if they made it up to make fun of spas.

    • we did, you are supposed to gather up some of the shaved ice and rub it on your skin to exfoliate. We did that also. It was cold. 🙂 But then we went in to the the hot rooms. There were also washcloths soaking in ice water with mint that you could use in the steam room. I really liked that.

      Oh no, they were very serious in their description. They take their spas very serious. 🙂

  2. the snow was actually foam bubbles blowing down although it was hard to tell. and I didnt think the benches were warmed… but I loved the room. That spa is definitely my favorite so far.

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