Dan’s Pond

The pond is a labor of love for Dan, personally I just think it’s a lot of work! It seems that every year the whole thing has to be rebuilt. Then there are the leaks, broken pumps and broken lights. All through the Winter and most the Spring it is torn down and a complete mess. But during the summer when Dan has it all set up it is beautiful and the most relaxing place to sit.


Dan has an obsession with rocks, he has collected all these rocks during his fishing trips and journeys. He’s always gathering rocks. And he actually knows all his rocks and where they came from. Rocks are taking over my yard! I think we need a rock intervention.


This is the Lady of the Lake, she was a statue in our neighbors yard, when he passed away his partner gave her to us. Dan gave her a little love and returned her to her previous life of a working fountain.


And this is the fish boy, he also came from our neighbors yard. Sometimes he has water flowing and other times he just sits.


Now we just need to have some friends over and have Dan make his awesome-super-fantastic Pina Coladas!


4 thoughts on “Dan’s Pond

    • it would be a perfect home for Paulie’s toads! BTW I forgot to mention my parents LOVED talking to Paulie at the science fair. They thought he was too cute. 🙂

    • well if we could get some shade over there it would be perfect. But in the evening when the sun dips behind the greenhouse/ shed, its really nice.

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