Like a good neighbor…

Dan is there. Last night we had quite the wind storm. So much so we thought our front tree was going to break in half. At the window we stood watching our tree. Then I looked out our side window and was confused by what I saw. Something didn’t look right at our neighbors house. The rain and hail were coming down so we didn’t go too far out to explore but we did go to the back porch to see what was happening. We discovered that the massive pine tree in-between our neighbors houses had broken in half and fell on both neighbors porches. We made a quick phone call to make sure everyone was OK, then we waited…

After the storm died down we all converged on the back yards to see the damage.


Dan being the man of action, got out his tools and started to work. He was worried that the next storm showing up on the radar, would cause even more damage so he was determined to get that tree down. After a bit of struggling with it, the men folk built up some scaffolding to make it easier to cut it down. While they worked the women folk and children pulled up chairs to watch all the action. 🙂


The tree was completely removed from the roof by the time the next storm blew in and surprisingly there was minimal damage left behind.

The nice thing about our neighborhood is everyone worked together to get the tree down and help clean up the yards. One more reason why we love living here!


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