A massive renovation!

It all started with a bedroom that was turning into a dining room and being opened up to the living room.


Our house is over 100 years old, so the walls are all lathe board and plaster. It was also originally heated by coal so add in lots of black dust that got into the walls and you have a big mess!


Dan is very good about plasticing off a room to keep the mess somewhat contained!


After everything was down in the dining room, it was time to move into the living room. Good bye really cool wall treatment, good bye built in shelves…


Thomas has helped at each stage but only before it gets too dusty and only when there isn’t lead paint involved.


Yes, that is a throwing star in the wall. The boys like to use alternative methods to start tearing down the walls.


Now 1/2 of the living room has been taken down to the studs and cleaned up. Which means its time to start on the other side.

Dan is very good at getting the rooms clean enough for us to use them. I thought living in a house that was being completely gutted would drive me crazy but it really hasn’t.


The other side of the living room, before…


Good bye Dutch door, you have been very handy at containing dogs and small children. Good bye cabinet, we will try to use you somewhere else in the house.


Daniel (begrudgingly) agreed to spend his Memorial Day break from school helping us get the second half of the living room gutted.


Back to those alternative methods, a throwing ax (being thrown by Dan.) it’s not just Daniel and Thomas that like all the Ninja weapons!


It’s a very dirty job. I do not like to get dirty. Thus you will not see me tearing down these walls.


The wall to the kitchen, its coming down too. We are a house without walls! The kitchen will be remodeled next year, I thought that was a bit much to add in right now. The living room, dining room, bathroom and office all at once is plenty!


My new view from the kitchen. I love it! The brick chimney will stay (it kinda has to, plus we love it) it will either be sandblasted and made to look pretty or it will be tiled.

You’ll also see Dan’s dad in the background, we would not have been able to get this job done without him. He has kept it moving along even when no one else wanted to work on it.


We still have a small section of wall to tear down along the hallway in the kitchen and the bathroom. Since we only have 1 bathroom that part really has to be done quickly. Luckily we have great neighbors that I’m sure will let us use their bathroom when we need to. I have visions of my new bathroom being like a spa, all natural tiles with a nice deep soaking/ whirlpool tub. Very Zen like and peaceful. I can’t wait!

I’m excited to see the end results but it is still far away. We still need to replace all the electric, duct work, windows, front door, flooring and add insulation, then the walls can finally be dry walled! Oh and strip and refinishing all the original trim (that’s my job.) Then I finally get to decide what colors to paint it all.


11 thoughts on “A massive renovation!

  1. OMG-first of all you must have the patience of Job! And secondly–My team needs to get tips from your team on demo and CLEAN UP. It’s so clean!! Looks great so far!

    • I would have never thought it could feel as clean as it does during all this. Dan does a great job at the clean-up. The key is to put plastic up on all the walls and ceilings. Plus lots of vacuuming, and he blows it out with the air hose. Then the floors take several rounds of scrub downs.

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