Our back entryway

When it got too dusty in the construction room for Thomas to help he moved outside to work on a side job we have going on. We’re slowly removing all the ugly 70’s style aluminum siding off our house. Another hidden treasure is the original wood siding that is hidden underneath. The siding had already been removed and the wall painted on the back porch. Now we are moving to the back entry way.

Thomas took all the siding down by himself.


He also removed part of an old aluminum window frame.


Hidden behind the hideous aluminum drop ceiling that some aesthetically challenged person thought was a good idea, is the original bead board and crown molding. Unfortunately, this is all that is left of it, less than a foot.


Thomas can be a hard worker when he puts his mind to it!


Now its my turn to come in and scrape, sand and paint the space. I was originally planning on painting it white since that’s what I painted the back porch. But now I’m thinking that it may be fun to paint it a super bright color. The only problem is my back door, that I love, is a distressed periwinkle color. So I’m not sure that the bright pink that I was thinking would really go with a periwinkle door.

Beth sent me this picture from London, and I love it!

pink door

Here’s my door now. Maybe I should paint the door pink and leave the walls white? Or walls pink and door white?


But this whole space may be enclosed and turned into a mudroom/ storage area. In which case it would change everything. Hmm, what to do?


2 thoughts on “Our back entryway

  1. I do love the pink from the London door. It’s so hard for me to picture the finished product. Whatever you do, it will look fabulous… either that or we’ll make fun of you behind your back. 😉

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