Summer Reading

Day 2 of vacation has come and gone and I have finished off my first book. Normally I plan ahead, putting books on hold at the library for the month leading up to vacation so I can get all the books that have been piling up on my to-read list. But this year I kept putting it off until the day before we were to leave, then I just headed into the library and chose books from the staff picks shelves, the new book area and the center tables, I’m not sure how books end up on those center tables. I had about 5 minutes to spend in the library so no thought went into the books beyond how captivating the front cover was. Yes, I am a person that judges a book by its cover.

I brought 8 books along figuring that some of them would most certainly be duds. The first one I started had the potential to be a good book but I seemed to lose it as soon as we entered the vacation house. I’m sure it will pop up on the last day of vacation. Which meant I had to move on to the next pick, The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton.

I really enjoyed this book,  I continually thought that both my mom and my good-friend, Paulita would also enjoy it. I think my mom would like how it followed the friendship of 5 women who were the same age as my mom in the late 60’s and through the 70’s. I think she would enjoy the way they were relating to our changing and sometimes volatile country. I imagine it may bring her back to that time and make her think about how those events shaped her life.

I think Paulita would enjoy the way the friendships grew out of the writing circle that the women spontaneously started. It follows their journey at improving their writing and attempting to become published. It develops a friendship that sharing the intimate details and your own insecurities can only do.

I liked it for all of that and because it was a fun summer read with an interesting twist at the end.


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