Brother and sister

My kids are not close, I wish they were. It makes me so sad when I listen to other people’s stories about how their kids spend time together and actually enjoy it. Maybe it came from them being homeschooled and always being together. Or maybe its because they are boy, girl, boy so they don’t have that same sex bonding that can happen with siblings. I keep hoping as they get older some type of relationship will form.

Since Thomas is so much younger than the other two the problem doesn’t really lie with him and his siblings. They each do fine with him on their own. And I know I can count on both Bethany and Daniel to take him places and spend time with him if I ask. They haven’t quite gotten to the point of initiating it themselves but maybe that too will come eventually.

The relationship I’m really waiting to develop is one between Daniel and Beth, up until recently it was hard to even have them be in the same room. They did NOT ever get along. Daniel constantly pestered his sister until she cried and Beth went out of her way to be as annoying as possible to drive her brother crazy. For about 2 years Bethany would not even speak to her brother and he was just fine with that.  I was not fine with that it broke my heart (even though them not speaking was better than the constant fighting.)

But finally this year I think I’m seeing a breakthrough! Daniel is being nicer and Beth has calmed down a bit. They are actually spending time together and both of them are seeming to enjoy it! I even have the pictures to prove it.




Notice how cold the water must be both Daniel and Beth are shivering.


this is Daniel pushing his sister under water. This did not end in her crying and leaving the beach like it might have in years past…


Look they are both smiling!


Here is Beth getting her brother back for his dunking her.

IMG_1383 IMG_1384

She succeeded and no one ended up angry at the other!


Of course, the ocean always has the final say in who gets dunked.

IMG_1387 IMG_1391 IMG_1402

It almost looks like they are reaching for each other, siblings bonded together, looking lovingly at each other. Ok lets not get crazy here, I’m just glad they’re not trying to kill each other!



6 thoughts on “Brother and sister

  1. Take heart Sheila. I absolutely hated one of my sisters when we were in high school. Now I talk to her on the phone at least 3 times a week and sometimes everyday. We seem to get closer as the years go by and now our relationship is one of the best things in my life. I think it helps once kids are on their own. We weren’t close yet, but our relationship def. improved once we weren’t around each other every day.

  2. I love to hear that your kids fight, “hate each other”, don’t speak to the other. I thought it was just my kids. The fighting and bickering drives me INSANE! Especially when all 3 are together!!! Hoping for a peaceful future! Enjoy your vacation!!

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