Summer Reading #2

The next book in my pile, Best Staged Plans, by Claire Cook was a small little wisp of a book that I started before I went to bed one night and finished when I woke up the next morning. It was definitely an easy read but I’m still not sure if I would recommend it. I think what caught my eye, beyond the cover, was that the main character, Sandy, is a home stager, I would love to be a home stager.

One other thing that I liked about the book was sometimes Sandy would tell stories and that sounded just like stories Paulita would tell. That made me laugh. But the strange part to the book was every now and then in the midst of the story Sandy would give the reader real advice on how to handle some type of situation. It seemed strange to me even though the advice was actually something that I wanted to remember (and now, of course can’t.)

Another thing that annoyed me at first but that i came to like was when Sandy spoke about the GPS as if it were another person. It seemed silly in the beginning of the book but by the end I kinda like it.

The story line was common and the ending was predictable but now that I think about it, the book was a fun, little, light summer read.


4 thoughts on “Summer Reading #2

  1. Phyllis, She’s on vacation. She only needs to read and eat. Funny that the stories sounded like me. I’m sure the annoying asides sounded like me too. You must be missing our morning coffees. I know I am. My kids are getting in more trouble and I’ve no one to share it with.

    • Paulita, you forgot the drinking…lots of drinking! I read your blog and its like a little teaser, i can’t wait to get home to hear all the details. 🙂

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