Summer Reading #3

I really should change that to beach reading because there is no way I will keep up this pace the rest of the summer! I loved the last book I finished, Sister’s Choice by Emilie Richards. It was a much bigger (538 pgs) and meatier book than the other two.

It looked at the relationship between 2 sisters (how appropriate considering my last post) being a surrogate, quilting, a relationship with a sexy carpenter and living in a small town on an apple orchard. What’s not to love? Every time I read a book that includes quilting in the story line (and a lot of books do) it makes me want to start quilting this one even made me want to join a quilting bee.

Midway through the book it starts telling the story of Grandma Grace and how she ended up on the apple orchard. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the flashback since it was taking me away from the original story but it hooked me in too and I could wait for the next glimpse into the past.

Some parts were predictable, about 50 pages in I could guess how it was going to end but the journey there was worth the read. I plan on searching out more books by this author. This one was part of the Shenandoah Album series, while I’m not entirely sure what that means, I’m guessing its more books about the town where the story took place.


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