Fishing, fishing and more fishing

Every year some grouping of men and (sometimes) kids go on a charter fishing trip during our family vacation. It often has mixed reviews. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, other times no fish are biting. But this time everything was perfect. Dan, his brother Ron, brother-in-law Mike and Dad all went out on the boat and it was a perfect day of catching lots of big fish.

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Here’s Ron bringing in the huge 35 pound Amberjack (the fastest fish in the ocean, according to Dan.) It took him about 40 minutes to get it reeled in. He started tiring out (Ron not the fish) and wanted to pass the pole off to Dan, but according to fishing rules once you start reeling it in you have to see it through. Work through the burn Ron!


Mike caught a King Mackerel, 15 pounds


Ron, Dan and the Amberjack: (I made a fishing faux paux that is sure to bring bad luck to my hubby fisherman, I showed a picture of Dan holding Ron’s giant fish, big No-No! So that picture has been replaced with a picture of Ron holding theAmberjack and his dad cheering him on:


Dan’s holding 4 Spanish Mackerel, they were about 5 pounds each, which is pretty big for that fish. I’m not sure what his Dad is holding in the picture.


What a strange looking shark, its a Mako shark


A smaller Spanish Mackerel caught in the surf, catching a Mackerel in the surf is pretty exciting even if it is smaller than the ones caught off the boat.


Thomas fishing in the surf


Dan cast netting, that’s how they catch some of their bait. They usually get little minnows from cast netting.


The cast net is trickier than it looks.



That’s a pretty big sand shark Dan caught in the surf, right where all the kids are playing! They catch more sharks than anything fishing in the surf. Which is why I don’t go in the water very often.

IMG_1477  IMG_1532 IMG_1708 IMG_1719

Little flounders caught in the surf, not enough meat to eat them so throw them back!


Jordan was sure there was a fish on so she reeled in the line. No fish…


So mommy has to cast it back out

IMG_1766  IMG_1827

Dan loves to fish, he would spend every day fishing if he could and when we’re at the beach he does.


1 thought on “Fishing, fishing and more fishing

  1. I hate being at the beach when people are fishing. I’m always afraid the kids will get hooked or tangled in the lines. Spencer would love to go fishing with Dan.

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