More rooms on the move

We are home for just 2 weeks between our North Carolina trip and our trip to Seattle. And since Dan does still have a job he will be busy working, thus no work will be done on the major renovation. But that doesn’t mean a minor renovation can’t take place.

During Beth’s last trip abroad it occurred to me that maybe it was time for her to give up the big bedroom that is sitting empty for such long stretches and finally let Thomas have the choice bedroom. Being the youngest he has never had the pick of bedrooms. Since he’s the only child still living here full time it only seems fair that the (slightly) bigger bedroom should be his. Surprisingly Beth agreed to this.

So while I have her home for these 2 weeks we are hard at work tearing up the last of the carpet, spackling and painting walls and the cement floor, and completely swapping the 2 bedrooms. I am about at my wits end with the mess my house is in. I only have 9 days to get it all cleaned up before our big 4th of July party, so no time to rest!

It didn’t seem all that long ago that we redid Beth’s bedroom, but it has been almost 2 years. Look how clean and pretty it was. I blogged about the transformation here:


Oh my her hair was short! This was just before our 1st trip to New York. The NY agents had no idea what to do with such layered short hair so they just left it be and grow it did.


It had been a bit longer since we had redone the other bedroom. It was done in June 2008 for Daniel to move into. 3 years may be a record for a bedroom in this house. I still love the glossy black trim and built in shelves so those stayed put for this make over. but the wall color changed and the nasty carpet had to be torn up. Since we have plans on completely redoing the basement once Thomas moves out I didn’t want to spend any more money than necessary on this redo. Thus we went with just painting the cement floor. It looks clean and that was my ultimate goal. I’ve been warned that the paint will probably not last but that’s OK, in 5 or so years it will all be redone yet again.


We’re hard at work on the rooms, the day after we got home from North Carolina Thomas completely emptied his bedroom. In 3 days we managed to finish it up and get Beth moved in. Today we start on Thomas’ new room. I’m hopeful that we will get it all painted today and start moving him in tomorrow. Thankfully we don’t have to do anything with the floors since they were done last time. It will be really nice to get all his bedroom clutter out of the rest of the house! He plans on getting rid of a lot of his things, “anything that hasn’t been used in 6 months is gone.” That’s a good plan, we’ll see how he does with that. As soon as we’re done I’ll post pictures.


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