The kids bedrooms

Phew 4 very long days and we are finally done with those bedrooms. That was a lot of work to come home from vacation for. But everything is sorted and put away and the kids are happy in their new rooms.

For Thomas’ room I found 1 gallon of a mistinted grey ($5.00) and a quart of mistinted green ($3.00) at Lowes, which made the cost for his room only $8. We already had the dark green that we used on the trim and on the bookshelf.

Thomas was needing a shelf to store some of his favorite collections on and wouldn’t you know I was walking home from the post-office when I found that green book shelf being thrown away. It was painted yellow so I did a quick sanding and rolled it with 1 coat of green paint. Voila, new storage shelf.


Bethy didn’t have room to take the red looking (but actually dark pink) chair that folds our to a bed. So it was left behind in Thomas’ room. It’s great for sleepovers so Thomas was happy to keep it. He also took a few of her storage containers (hanging in the closet) that she longer had room for. Thomas has all of his clothes hanging up or in those 2 small bins on the floor. He does not like to have too many clothes lying around.


For Beth’s room I also found some mistints. There were 2 gallons of white paint marked as mistints, one can had been dropped and had a big dent so it couldn’t be shaken it was being sold for $10, the other was a white base that still needed to be tinted so I picked the color for my mistint (it was only $5 but the can wasn’t quite full.) I chose what I thought was purple/gray, but looks more like periwinkle. I also bought a gallon of cement floor paint to paint the floor and Oxiclean masonry cleaner (the most non-toxic cleaner I could find.) The floor paint was $25 and the Oxiclean $12. So Beth’s grand total was $52, not too bad!


The floor is looking a little chipped since the big move in. We’re going to paint a second coat on all the exposed floor space (meaning we’re not moving any furniture) then when it dries we’ll wax the floor with bowling alley wax. That should keep it shiny and protected.


That Black cabinet was the culprit in Beth’s huge cut on her leg. When Thomas took it down he left one screw in the back so when Beth walked past it, ouch!


Beth’s scarves have found a new home on the duct work.


Now its time to get the yard all pretty for our party on Friday!


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