Feeding the Seagulls

One of our favorite Seattle things is going to Ivar’s at the waterfront and feeding fries to the seagulls. You have to watch where you sit while eating your food since there are quite a few bird flying around. On this trip Beth got hit by a fly by poop that was shot at her arm while eating.

As the sign states, “Do not be afraid of overfeeding, Seagulls are Dainty eaters.” Well I’m not sure if they’re really dainty, I think they would eat you fingers if they were given the chance.


Ok sometimes the birds do seem a little scary! Those beaks hurt if they catch your finger instead of a fry.


Did Beth think she was under attack?



2 thoughts on “Feeding the Seagulls

  1. One time at the beach the seagulls stole one of Spencer’s chess pieces. Those birds can be ruthless. Did Thomas go with you on any of these outings, or only Beth?

    • All these pics are from 1 day and it was only Beth and some of her friends. I missed getting pictures of the boys when we all went down to Pike Place.

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