Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Another favorite place that we always visit is the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. Every time I go I discover new treasures. This time I really focused on reading about some of the strange collections.

Home of the weird, freaky, interesting and curious, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is a licensed museum and gift store. We have been in business since 1899, so we have collected quite the eclectic mix of treasures. We have interesting items for sale like jewelry made with real insects, butterflies in frames, or recyclable wallets. Our gift selection will please with Seattle’s own Glass Eye Studio’s hand-blown ornaments and paperweights and Northwest Native American hand carved totem poles and masks. We also have fair trade gifts from Africa and Asia.

Our museum of oddities and curiosities range from genuine mummies and shrunken heads (tsantsa), to a two headed lamb, to a four legged chicken. Our miniature collection comprises of a display of fleas in dresses, paintings on the heads of pins, and the Lord’s Prayer written on a grain of rice.



And here is the lady writing on the rice, Beth and her friends each got a necklace.


This was in the case by the front door, very handy for those that are travelling up to Forks to visit the Cullins.IMG_2948

And for those that say Mermaids don’t exist, here is taxidermically stuffed mermaid.


Some things are more authentic than others, such as the 2 mummies that the store has on display both of which are completely real…

and shrunken heads from the Amazon (some of them definitely genuine, others probably not.) I’m hoping the ones I’ve bought for Daniel in the past are not real.



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