The Scioto Mile Park

Thomas and I made a detour today on our way home from COSI. Before heading home we walked across the bridge to check out the new Scioto Mile Park. It was an easy and pleasant walk from COSI only taking a few minutes. It will be even easier once the new bridge is completed. Instead we walked across another bridge that was just completed this past winter.



As were approaching the park we were impressed with the size of it and all of the massive water features!


These pictures don’t do it justice, it was so bright outside I had to just snap photos without being able to tell what I was shooting.


Thomas loved running through these fountains. This would have been more fun if he had some friends with him. But it was a quick way to cool off before we drove home.



Columbus may not be Seattle but we still have some really cool stuff to do around here!


I’m looking forward to coming back down to this park in the evening with Dan and eating dinner at this restaurant that overlooks the waterpark.


Here are some of the evening pictures of the fountains from the website:


1 thought on “The Scioto Mile Park

  1. I didn’t know it was lit up at night. THat is cool. Some of the pictures of the fountains look like they could be from the time of the Jetsons. Very futuristic.

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