The Yeti cooler

What is a Yeti cooler some of you may ask, just the KING of all coolers if you ask Dan. Of course, no one that was at our 4th of July party will be asking that question after seeing the signs that were placed on our non-Yeti coolers:

This cooler is not Grizzly proof. Studies have shown that items stored in this cooler are susceptible to attack by Grizzly Bears.

No fear the Yeti has arrived, holy cow that is a big box!


Dan is just beside himself with excitement. He’s jumping around the house and yelling like a kid on Christmas morning.


Oh thank goodness it is officially Certified Bear Resistant by the International Grizzly Bear Committee. Wait is that a real thing, the International Grizzly Bear Committee???

YETI® Tundra™ meets Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) standards for bear-resistant containers. They have been thoroughly tested in both controlled bear simulations and with wild grizzly bears. With locks in the integrated padlock ports, on two corners of a YETI®, grizzlies get nothing but frustrated.


Yes, it is actually big enough for Dan to fit in, sadly we can not close the lid so Grizzly’s could still get him.IMG_3371

Thomas on the other hand is almost safe from Grizzly attacks!


Happy Fathers Day and Happy Birthday and for that price Merry Christmas too!


4 thoughts on “The Yeti cooler

    • I don’t know, if you have a cooler of Fat Tire you may need to protect it. Ya know they only sell it west of the Mississippi and in North Carolina so it’s quite valuable. 🙂

  1. Fathers day? Birthday? Christmas? this was a necessity, it does not qualify as a gift of any sort. besides i saved the money on my own and ordered it on my own. this is like me coming home looking at the groceries and saying happy birthday! ridiculous!

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