The neighbor’s fir tree

You might remember me writing about the neighbors tree that broke in half during the wind storm. Well it is finally time for the remaining tree to be removed. Here’s is the tree removal company parked in front of our house. They were her for about 9 very noisy hours cutting and chipping.


Dan wanted me to ask the guys if they would bring over some of the logs for firewood. And also if they would give him a 6 foot length of the trunk that he could turn into a bench. They were nice enough to use a dolly to wheel over the very large pieces of wood. I did count the rings on the tree and it was 45 years old. To bad it was growing in such an inhospitable spot for such a big tree.IMG_3402

That 6 foot piece needed to be brought in by crane


and it had to go over the electric lines. IMG_3422

That was really high and kind of scary as it was swinging around.IMG_3423

Down it comes to join the rest of the logs in my front yard. One has to wonder if it took a crane to put it there how will it ever be moved?


The tree guys said they would give me their card so that in 6 months when those logs were still sitting in my yard I could call them to come haul them away. Hey, how do they know us?


2 thoughts on “The neighbor’s fir tree

  1. We’ll just upright the smaller stumps and sit on them. Your firepit may be moving closer to the logs. You said you wanted to do something new with that side yard. Voila.

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