The wood is on the move

Ha! a good portion of the pine tree that had been dropped in our front yard has been moved back to the wood pile (take that you naysayers.) Due to some unpaid debts Daniel has become our indentured servant, during his days off, for the rest of summer. He has a long list of things that need to be done and that wood was moved to the top of the list. I was expecting some complaints about chopping the wood but he actually said he wanted to do that, go figure.

Apparently, Daniel’s idea of chopping wood is actually tearing it apart with his hands. I can just imagine my BFF Melissa saying “homeschooler!” (her favorite response whenever my kids do something dumb, and of course it’s said with love and said quite frequently.)


He was surprisingly successful with his bizarre methods. He actually split all this wood by his Herculean attempts. Some of it really needs to be split a bit more but it’s a start.


This piece did not get thrown down, it was crazy heavy. But it was impressive watching him lift it.


He managed to roll the 6 foot log just a bit…


but try as might he could not lift it up.


Dan and Thomas built this totem pole like structure up in the front yard. Can you guess what they’re using it for?


Yep there’s that throwing ax yet again. It’s been sharpened and is ready to throw.


I’m so happy this is in the front yard so all the neighbors can watch the kids use a throwing ax.



4 thoughts on “The wood is on the move

  1. I think the throwing ax thing gets a “Homeschooler” remark from Melissa too.
    The other Tucker and his friend Josh got out his bow and arrow. They put one of their cardboard shields on a plastic chair to aim at. We found the first arrow two yards over. Thank God they didn’t shoot the neighbor’s little dogs.

  2. My kids, bow and arrows too! Totally obsessed all the boys, so I’m still dealing with it. No arrow in head, yet. Or a neighbor’s window, dog, cat, tire…
    Sheila, what is it with your family’s choice of footwear while they do this kind of work? “Homeschooler!”

    • Since the kids did archery for so many years, of course, Thomas wanted a bow and arrow. What he got was a cross bow that I’m pretty sure could take down a deer. Why do we think that’s a good idea to give a young child? Maybe if we lived out in the country but you really could take out a neighbor! It doesn’t get used very often since it scares the heck out of me.

      The shoe thing probably goes back to the fact that Dan NEVER wears shoes (if he can get away with is) we have more fights about that. Constantly we’ll be walking to the grocery store or other places and he will NOT wear shoes. It’s very embarrassing!

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