My new Tattoo

Yay! I finally got my orchid tattoo. I guess I’m on the 5 year plan for tattoos, it started when I was 30 with my first tattoo, a fairy on my lower back (before the term tramp stamp existed!) then 5 years later I finally had the fairy colored in and re-outlined since it had been so long. And now, actually 6 years later, I’ve gotten another one. It hurt about as bad as I remembered although the shoulder is not supposed to hurt as bad as the lower back.


Practice that deep breathing.


Here’s Beth and my mom enjoying a lollipop while I was being tortured. Dan was taking the pictures BUT he did get sent home since he didn’t wear shoes and the tattoo guys told him that wasn’t safe. Ha! he never listens to me. Luckily we live just across the street so he walked home got his shoes on and came back.


I LOVE it! Even though it looks a little pink that’s only because it’s a fresh tattoo. When it heels it will be all black and grey. I wish there was a way to keep the subtle pinks it has now but I guess there’s not.


Dan has his first tattoo scheduled for Sept 1, then mom plans of scheduling hers (well maybe.) I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Cary at Memento Tattoo and Gallery.


3 thoughts on “My new Tattoo

  1. Sheila did really well for this tattoo. She held her breath a few times and said it hurt a couple of times, but with us all there we kept her busy talking about how she could have worn a better pair of pants that would have made her tush look better! I kept telling her that it sure didn’t look like it was hurting!

  2. I’m sure insulting her butt really helped, Phyllis. Sheila, the tattoo is really pretty. Now you’ll have to get a whole new wardrobe to show it off. Dan, who goes places without shoes? What are you 5?

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