Bethy’s first job is finally online

Beth did this Lookbook back when she was in London and it is finally online. Here she is in the ME&CITY Fall 2011 Lookbook. Also featured in the Lookbook was Alexa Chung*. Beth really enjoyed working with her, Beth said she was very silly..

*Alexa currently hosts Gonzo with Alexa Chung for MTV UK, and is scheduled to host Thrift America for PBS in 2011. Previously, Chung was the host of MTV‘s, It’s On with Alexa Chung.

This was the job that Beth had to cut short by a day so she could get home in time for prom with Lena. Looks like they still got plenty of pictures of her in the 2 days she was there.

Fullscreen capture 912011 51002 PMFullscreen capture 912011 50954 PM

Fullscreen capture 912011 50921 PMFullscreen capture 912011 50932 PMFullscreen capture 912011 50944 PM


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