Bethany’s shows from NY fashion week

Beth is on her way home home NY, another fashion season has come to a close. She did not continue on to Europe this year. Instead she is taking a mini break at home then heading to LA to explore another modeling market. She is very excited about spending some time in Cali, I am a little nervous about her learning her way around another new city. But that’s the life of a model.

So Beth got to NY on Aug 30, shows started Sept. 8 and she was finally heading home Sept. 18, she was in NY for 20 days. During that time she did 69 castings, 13 fittings, 1 photo-shoot and 7 shows. Modeling is a whirlwind of activity at times.

Here’s a recap of her shows:



United Bamboo

United Bamboo 2


Suno 3

Charlotte Ronson

charlotte-ronson 2

Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing look #2Jeremy Laing

Theyskens’ Theory

Theyskens Theory 2

Here’s a close up of her shoes from the Theory show

Theyskens Theory shoes 2

Three as Four


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