Test Shoot with Joseph Tran

Bethy was wearing pretty much all her own clothes for this test and there are a few items she was really excited to be shot in:

This black “leather” vest has made it into several of her shoots. The shirt underneath it had to be from the 80’s found at the thrift store.

Beth LOVES this button up white shirt that has birds embroidered across the front. Also a thrift store find (one that possibly should have been left behind in the thrift store.)


Little Denim vest is a Paris vintage piece that Beth picked up last season during fashion week.

And her favorite item, Hello Kitty Vans! She looked all over NY for a pair that fit but ultimately had to order them since the stores didn’t stock her size.

Joseph N. Tran Photography


2 thoughts on “Test Shoot with Joseph Tran

    • they were being silly, I think he was trying to get Beth to lighten up and just be herself. This had been only the second shoot she’d ever done where they wanted her to smile and be happy. LA’s a whole different modeling world. 🙂

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