Leeds Farm and Pumpkin Patch

A group of homeschooling friends, Thomas and myself all went to Leeds Farm last week for our annual pumpkin patch trip. This was a new-to-us farm and it had all kinds of fun areas that even especially the big kids enjoyed.

One of the favorites was the Tube Time! area.


Something about acting like a hamster and rolling around in the tubes really spoke to all the kids.


They rolled and raced and rolled some more.


Then there was more racing in the pedal tractors.


even some of the adults got in on the fun


Another fun spot was the bouncy mound, it was this huge ground level bubble that you could just bounce and bounce on (like a trampoline, but with no possibility of falling off.)


There were also tube slides (and also bigger slides that we didn’t discover before we left. Which gives us another reason to return next year.)


And of course farm animals. These goats were well trained to stay where the food was.


who doesn’t love baby pigs?


and baby goats…



The big favorite of the day was the zip line! Here’s Thomas climbing up to the platform.


And down he goes…


Lets zoom in on that  and see how he really feels:


No pumpkin patch is complete without a hayride. One different thing about this farm, normally the hayride takes you to the pumpkin patch where you go pick your pumpkin. But here the hayride is just a hayride (where you get to see some creepy stuffed animals out in the forest.) At Leeds you buy the pre-picked pumpkins separately, not what we’re used to but it’s such a cool farm otherwise we’ll let that slide.


Thomas and his group of friends having another fun day exploring places around Ohio.



4 thoughts on “Leeds Farm and Pumpkin Patch

    • hmm I was on the hay ride. 🙂 I most definitely did NOT do the zip line, they terrify me. And I never got around to trying the pedal cars although they did look like fun. That’s what happens when you take pictures you miss out on all the fun.

  1. Darn -I wish you would have posted this yesterday morning! I was (sort of, in a half assed way) looking for a new pumpkin patch to visit yesterday but we ended up back at Circle S for the 16th time! This place looks so much more fun! UGH–next year!!

    • No worries you wouldn’t have been able to go anyways, they are only open during the week for groups (and I think the zip line is closed then.) They are open to the public on the weekends but we heard it was insanely busy. But they are open on COTA Day (a teacher in-service day) which is a Friday in Oct (and the day we went) plus if you go with 15 or more people you get a group discount. So next year we’ll all have to plan on going on COTA day!

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