Happy 14th Birthday to Thomas

IMG_4348 Today is Thomas’ birthday and while we do have some fun plans for later today, right now it’s  a lonely morning with just the two of us. Normally we would be eating crepes with all the kids around the table, but since Daniel and Beth are gone Thomas thought it would just be too depressing to do crepes all alone. So we’ll wait until Beth comes home from LA for the official crepe breakfast. Instead he got bacon and eggs, which is not quite the production that crepes usually are.

For dinner tonight we’re going our favorite restaurant Knead Urban Diner with Daniel, Megan and my parents. After dinner we’re heading over to the Santa Maria for a haunted tour, then back to our house for ice cream sundaes. Since mom and I bought Thomas’ birthday present together he won’t get that until this evening and he is very anxious!

But I didn’t want the morning to be too sad so we got some balloons to brighten up the room and he also got 2 small presents to open right away. A new yo-yo that he had picked out months ago (and now can’t quite remember why he wanted it) and a box of…IMG_4326

…Boo Berry cereal (gross) since we don’t buy these kinds of cereals and this is a limited edition cereal that just comes out for Halloween I thought it would be a nice surprise. He was intrigued but still asked for bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of the sugary cereal (YES!)


Happy Birthday Thomas, you are my super sweet and easy child. The one that opens car doors for me, unloads the van without complaint, cleans the kitchen just to be nice, doesn’t argue (too much) is silly and funny and get along with everyone. You make people happy and everyone enjoys having you around. Daddy and I love you very much!


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