Installing the windows

Our neighbors must be really sick of this renovation. Dan was up and working on the windows before the sun had completely risen Saturday morning. That impact driver is really loud when reverberating through a sleepy neighborhood!


Dan has been dreading installing the windows, more than many of the other arduous tasks he’s had to complete. But I thought the installation seemed to go without many problems.


And he go to go buy a new tool, which always makes him happy. Hmm a $200 level, really?IMG_4502

well it is pretty cool when it puts these grids all over the house, so you can line up all the windows at once.


Hey who’s that person helping with the renovation? It looks like someone new that has never been over to help work on the house before.


It’s my mom and dad, here for all the fun. They were here all day Sat and Sun helping with all kinds of jobs. Dad helped Dan get 6 of the windows installed. And mom helped me attempt to strip some interior trim (more on that in a moment) paint all the exterior trim, empty out the crawl space and finish off a couple bottles of wine!


And here we are starting to strip just 2 of the maybe 50 or so boards that I have from the interior of the house. Since we want to keep the old look of our house, we really wanted to keep all the interior trim and base moldings. Not only does it look really cool and go with the style and age of the house. But there is no way we could afford to buy similar wood and reconstruct it all ourselves. What we thought would be an easy task turned in to an all day cluster f&*%.



About 7 hours later and several more reapplications of toxic stripper, we were still not done with those same 2 boards. There has got to be a better way to do this!


Dad really seems to be enjoying helping us on the house. Or maybe it was just the promise of yummy food that was keeping him going.



The house had a very open and airy feel when the windows were removed.


Here are a few of the boards that mom and I were painting. This will be the exterior trim around the windows.


Look how nice that’s looks. So far only 1 window has all the trim up. But now that we know how we want it to look the rest should go up without a problem.


And here is the mess, or um staging area, that used to be my back porch. Since Dan needs to get into the crawl space to work on the plumbing and take care of some insulation it all had to be emptied out. The weather was so nice I decided this would be the perfect time to do it. We had an efficient system of Thomas handing us the crates out of the crawlspace, Dad and I walking them through the basement to the window and mom pulling them out of the basement and lining them up on the driveway. Then mom and I went through each tub and got rid of all the unnecessary stuff. What we found was Daniel had 1 tub of stuff stored away and Beth had about 10 tubs of stuff hidden up there. I guess it helps that Daniel has his own apartment to put all of his stuff in. We ended up with about 15 tubs that still need to be stored away.



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