Glass Blowing

In Dec. Glass Axis has their annual glass sale and open house, where you can come in and blow a glass ornament for $25. Even though we live right down the street and  working with glass is one of my art mediums of choice we had never attended this even until this year. After finally attending Thomas and I have decided to make this a yearly Xmas tradition. This year Thomas made an ornament for his grandma.

First you pick 2 colors that you are going to dip your hot glass mound in. Thomas chose blue and green.


Then you heat it up in the fire, very hot!


Next you blow some air into it while your assistant turns it for you.


Voila the final product.


Thomas was very proud of his creation, and his grandma was very happy to get something besides a clay pot for Xmas. (the glass curly-Q hook still had to be added, so this wasn’t really the completed bulb.)



4 thoughts on “Glass Blowing

  1. That’s cool. Did you do one? My friend Najah started a class there yesterday with “cold” glass where they make mosaics then melt them together. I’m surprised you haven’t done more classes there.

    • I didn’t make one this year, but I plan to next year. Their classes are REALLY expensive like $200-$400. But I was planning on doing a glass fusion class at the Idea Foundry, once you get trained on how to use their tools you can rent shop space so then I could just go in and use the kiln.

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