House renovation

So where are we with the renovation? We decided to take a break over the holidays and instead we made lots of owls. We also pondered where to go next. We gathered up some numbers for drywall guys, we made a mental note to order more foam to finish up the insulation, we continually talked about taking care of the finishing touches on the electric and duct work.

We replaced the vertical window in the dining room with a higher horizontal window.



We also replaced the sliding glass door upstairs and built a little roof over it.


We also decided that we really need to lift all the hard wood floors and lay a subfloor then relay the hardwood floor. Its just way to noisy in the basement with only having the 1 layer of flooring in-between the 2 levels. One more thing that has to be done before we can drywall.

We missed our deadline of having this phase done by our New Years Eve party, but the longer we live with the construction the more we solidify our ideas of how we want it to turn out. Some of our plans from when we started have changed. Turns out living in a space with no walls is kind of annoying. So we’ll be adding some French doors to divide the living room and dining room. And I’m seriously considering getting rid of the office all together and instead having this room…

Pinned Image

It feels so much more relaxing than the clutter of a home office. Even though I’m always drawn to this shabby chic look, Dan and Thomas have pointed out that I would not be able to stand this amount of clutter either. I think I can.


3 thoughts on “House renovation

  1. I agree with Dan and Thomas on the clutter but I would also have concerns of all those house plants. Can you be trusted to water them?

  2. I think that room already looks a lot like your lovely back porch. Whatever you decide to do will look awesome – you have the eye.

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