Pulling up the floors

Finally this weekend we had the time and the gumption to get started on pulling up the 100 year old pine floors that separate the living room from the basement. It’s a long and delicate process lifting the old wood floors. The very large nails that are holding it in place cause the wood to splinter and break apart. Since we’re relaying this floor on top of a new and level subfloor we need to minimize the breakage as much as possible. Dan will be gluing together any major splinters, so for now blue painters tape is holding together any broken pieces.


We started in the corner that covers the freezer and pantry. Now that we see how much dirt, grime and wood splinters will be falling through into the basement, we know that we’ll have to put up tarps in the kids bedrooms before that section is removed.


Dan is happy that he now has access to our crumbling cement foundation so he can remorter the top of it. He can also get into the nooks and crannies and fix all the cold air leaks. It also gives us an opportunity to get in the unreachable parts of the foundation and vacuum up all the years of dust.


Here is Dan checking for cats in the cold air return before he puts the plywood down. Of course the cats went straight for this new and undiscovered area to play. I was worried one of them would fall down the hole that goes right into the furnace but they managed to avoid that, thank goodness!


Here is our very temporary floor just to prevent anyone from falling through the floor joists. During any free time Dan can conjure this week he will finish pulling up the floor in this section and loosely lay the plywood floor. Once all the floor in the living room is lifted he will level the floor joists by adding wood wherever is needed then he will permanently lay the plywood that will be our new sub-floor. And that will be the floor we have until later in the spring after the framing and drywall is completed. Then we will finally relay the hardwood floor. I’m hoping I get less slivers with the plywood than I do with the rough hardwood.



One thought on “Pulling up the floors

  1. Okay, Grace is leaving Friday. Just move in here until that’s finished. No walls is one thing. No floors — that’s impossible. I don’t know how you do it.

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