Making Pysanky Easter Eggs

Finally after more than a years break we resurrected one of our favorite co-op activities, Geography Club. From the time Daniel was young we have been going to monthly geography club meetings. Learning all about the different countries and cultures from all over the world.

As the years passed the group kept changing, kids grow up and moms move on, until finally all of the original members had moved on. Those of us left behind tried to keep it afloat but eventually we just needed a break. But the break is over and we have been reinvigorated.

This month we studied Eastern Europe, we started as we always have with a map challenge so the kids can show off all the countries they have memorized over the past 3 weeks.

We were the first to arrive so the kids spread out and got to work. Apparently, they wanted to make sure no one was looking at their answers.IMG_5827

Here’s the whole group working hard.


After several different activities (a comparison of population density, an explanation of the European Union, looking over some Euros, a PowerPoint presentation from an older sibling that just returned from overseas and more…) we got on to the fun artsy part of the day. Making Pysanky (Ukrainian) Easter Eggs. We didn’t have time to use a traditional method, instead we used sharpies on blown out eggs.


They turned out great even without using melted wax and dies.





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