The floors are all up

This is where the day started, so empty and clean…


Boards coming up and nails being removed.


Thomas has been right by Dan’s side all day.



Daniel came by to help but he hurt himself in the first 10 seconds and was demoted to vacuuming.


Poor Ann, there is just no where for her to go. She can’t get upstairs to my bed, she can’t get to the couch. She’s trapped pacing in the kitchen wanting to find a nice soft place to take a nap.


And here’s where we are now. Oh boy I thought it was dangerous to walk around before. I’m trapped just like Ann. Time for Dan and Daniel to go buy more plywood so we can get that sub-floor down. Like Daniel said his best ability is being able to help carry stuff. Three years of engineering school and all the boy can do is carry wood.



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