A good day

Yesterday was a good day. One wouldn’t think having 2 back to back Dr. appointments spanning over 6 hours could make for a good day but they were good apts.

The first one was with an awesome Naturopath. It was our first time going to a Naturopath and I thought it was a great appointment. Her name is Jennifer Ball and she practices at the Center of Naturopathy in Victorian Village. She took a very thorough history and explained her plan to help us get to a healthier more balanced place. I think it is going to be a wonderful addition to the other treatment options we’re looking at.

The other appointment also went well, we liked the Dr. a lot. But I’m not sure that their level of care is exactly what we’re looking for. We still have 1 more place to look into. I already know that I love the last place. I have been going to family meetings there for the past several weeks and it is a very serene healing environment. I know that is where we are going to see the biggest turn around.

The change has already started, the secrets are all gone and that takes away their power. The healing has started and the desire to get better is there. Its going to be a long uphill battle but at last we are all on the same page and we can work through this together. Yesterday there was a glimpse of the life we used to have. The normal things that you don’t think about until they’re gone. Something as silly as watching a TV show together or stopping at Wendy’s for a frosty. Those are the monumental events that make me so happy now.

3 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Terrific. I know you’ll embrace every reprieve until you get to a place where you don’t even notice that it’s a reprieve, but has become part of your life again. You’re doing all the right things.

  2. It really is the small things in life that make us the happiest. It is just going to take some time and patience and you will be amazed at how wonderful your life is and how happy you can be.

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