It has been a very long blogging break, almost 3 months since I have last wrote a post. The summer really got away from me. We had a couple great vacations but besides that it was mostly a lot of chaos surrounded by an unlivable heat.

It has also been a summer of change, lots of changes! We spent the summer planning for Beth to go away to Kent State in the fall. She had been planning on going to Kent for a couple years. Last year she was enrolled and decided to defer for a year while she travelled the world modeling. (I wrote about her acceptance here.)

Beth look so young in this picture from last year.

After a year of modeling she decided she was ready for college, so home she came and we set about getting everything in order for her to leave in Sept. We turned in all the paperwork, paid all the fees, filled out the FAFSA, spent the weekend on campus for orientation. She chose her housing, picked a room mate and scheduled her classes.

We had all our ducks in a row and then life happens and things change. Going away to school was no longer the best thing for Beth and that was a very hard decision for her to make. She struggled but finally decided that she should defer for 1 more semester while she finished up some things at home. Then she decided that she was no longer interested in going into fashion design, her plan since she was 15 years old and the entire reason she chose Kent State. It didn’t take her long after that to decide that she really didn’t want to go away to a 4 year college at all.

So today we went on a tour of the Aveda School of Cosmetology. God knows she’s spent enough time over the past several months dyeing her own hair maybe that was really her calling. She loved the school and felt that this is where she was meant to be. So we filled out the paperwork, put down yet another deposit and she is scheduled to start classes Set. 24.

It’s 1 year of classes Monday-Saturday form 8:30-5. Every day with no breaks, except for 1 day for major holidays. No spring or summer break, no break over Christmas. No time for the 2 week family vacation we have scheduled in North Carolina next summer. She can maybe squeeze out 1 week for the vacation as long as she doesn’t have any sick days over the next year. Also not much time for a job unless she can find something at night. Which means no money for her to move out until after school is done, much to her disappointment.

I’m glad she has a plan and that she’ll be close by so we can keep and eye on her and make sure she’s doing OK. It will be quite an adjustment, hopefully she’ll be up for it.


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