The past 6 months have been a time for changes in Bethany’s life. Not all the changes have been good but we’ve fought through the dark times and it looks like we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can see her journey through the changes in her hair since Jan.

First Beth cut bangs into her hair. Pretty benign considering what’s to come…

Dec 31

Next she died it black, while I didn’t like it at the time it was much better than what was to come…

Feb 3

For some reason she decided to add pink tips to her hair, and it looks like she’s done quite a bit more cutting of layers into her hair at this point.

Feb 26 (2)

Then she must have been bored with the two tone black and pink so she decided to switch it up buy trying to go platinum. This was a process that took some time and some shades of orange along the way.

March 22

Next up was BLUE! Which really started to grow on me. It was always easy to spot her in a store. For this color she did finally go to the Aveda salon and let them do it.


A little blue head popping out of the beach.


The blue started to fade so….


She decided to add some purple. At first on just 1 side of her head but then she added it everywhere. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the colors did not survive the water parks at Disney. By the end of vacation her hair just looked gray. So when we got home (literally the night we got home from Disney) we died Beth’s hair a more natural color. And then on her own without planning to…


She had it all cut off with a free haircut from Aveda. My first thought was: now she’s going to have to get her hair cut too frequently (I’m always thinking about the money.) Then I remembered she’s going to school to cut hair, it shouldn’t be a problem.


We all love the new haircut and color and she seems to be back to her happy self. Also the gauges are gone out of her ears, but she is sporting a couple new pieces of body jewelry, in her nose and belly button. Overall its a whole new Bethy.



4 thoughts on “Transformations

  1. Thru this journey of Beths new looks, I have to say she has made an excellent choice with the short hair. We love it and its a way to start a new beginning in her life.

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