Craft Fairs…

My friend over at Pepper Paints and I were planning on doing our first ever craft fair last weekend. We registered for the event at the beginning of summer and then we got to work creating stuff to sell. Or at least we talked about creating stuff to sell and we pinned lots of ideas over at Pinterest. Slowly over time a few things did start to pop up around my house.

Like these adorable stuffed owls. I got this idea and more from Button Bird Designs, she does so many cute things. I love almost everything on her blog!


I also had plenty of these wool owls from Dan and mine’s crafting days this past winter.


We saw this idea on Pinterest and I really ran with it. I bought up all kinds of brass candlestick holders from the thrift store and painted them in a variety of colors. This was my favorite project and I just couldn’t quit buying more and more of them. Until I ended up with about 60 candle stick holders in my house.


Another idea from Button Bird Designs were these inspiration boards. I used old cedar deck boards that came from another friends old deck that she tore down and thought for some reason that we would like all the wood. I guess having a cluttery yard inspires people to bring more clutter to it.


Then in the end we decided we just didn’t have enough stuff or enough motivation to make more stuff to do the craft fair. Which left me with a lot of clutter around my house. So I called another friend who recently opened the cutest furniture store over in Hilliard, The Not Just Shabby Shop. I brought in some of my things for her to look at. She loved them and agreed to sell them in her store, yay! This weekend she is moving her entire inventory to the The Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Antique Mall for their biannual extravaganza. Which means I actually have stuff for sale there. I can’t wait to go on Saturday and see my stuff in her booth!


3 thoughts on “Craft Fairs…

  1. Oh, that’s perfect because you don’t actually have to do the selling. Grace’s sorority has owls as their mascot. I should ask her if she wants to buy a peck of owls from you. I like your candlesticks too.

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