It completes me…


Beth really tries not to be just like me, I’m sure it’s not cool for an almost 21 year old to be anything like her over 40 mom. But try as she might she just can’t escape all of my influences. She saw the house for the first time this week and after walking through it and squealing with delight she said, “this house completes me.”  And I know exactly what she means because that is exactly how I feel about the house too.

When Thomas and I first walked in with the realtor, that we had never met before, he didn’t know what to expect from us. This house was a foreclosure, it is not in good shape. There are falling down ceilings, holes in the walls, a bathroom that needs to gutted down to the studs. Carpet stains that look like blood and plenty of animal urine. He said that he shows houses to a lot of people that want a fixer upper but when they see what that means they leave without even looking at the whole house.



Not me, I fell in love! All of the door knobs are glass door knobs, most all of the lighting are antique fixtures. There are built in cubbies and cabinets in almost every room. IMG_3832



There are arched doorways and nice solid wood doors throughout the house. I didn’t see the stained carpet only all the hardwood floors underneath. None of the wood trim or doors have been painted, how awesome is that?



There is so much light coming into the dining room with all those windows, even if only half of them work. That’s still more openable windows than you would have in a new build.



Yes the windows are old and several of the cranks seem to be broken, but the outside storm windows are wood, and actually hinged to the house so they can easily be opened up.


The kitchen cabinets are seriously dated, but they are sturdy and built well and only need to be cleaned up and painted. The yellow Formica may not be for everyone but I kinda love the vintage feel it gives the room.


The kitchen layout does have me a little stymied. Where will I put the stove and refrigerator. How much should I change it to make it more useable? I’m glad I took so many pictures so I can start planning what we will do.


One week away from closing then all the fun begins.


3 thoughts on “It completes me…

  1. I love the details in this house. You’ve found a real gem. Not sure if I’d stick with the original formica, but it’s hard to picture what could replace it and fit in.

    • Beth did point out that it was a lot of yellow, with the Formica counters and back-splash. so I thought I would get rid of the back-splash and maybe do white tile instead. That may help balance out all that yellow.

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