Basements and attics

I have always loved attics, when we were looking for houses years ago I dreamed of finding one with a drop stair and a usable attic. Sadly our bungalow/ cottage/ cape cod style house has no attic just slanted walls in our upstairs bedroom. We did, however, have a crawl space that we were able to make into a pretty awesome fort that the kids spend many years playing in with their friends.

The new house has what could be an awesome attic if it was going to be my home and the kids were still little enough to enjoy a secluded fort. I would totally spend my weekends tearing down plywood to fit through the small attic access so we could lay a floor. My kids would have loved having all this space to play in. But the kids are now 23, 21 and 16 and while they do still share my love of secret forts its up them to create those spaces now.




So on to the basement, since this 1400 sqft house is a ranch it has a pretty good size basement. You can access it through the kitchen or through an exterior door in the backyard. Perfect for small parties they may have.


I envision getting a ping pong table and a dart board for this area. Along with some couches and a stereo. Instant party!


This corner could some day be framed out for another bedroom if needed, but in the mean time I thought we could gather up all the weights that I find lying around my yard (this is a complete mystery to me, if you search around all of our outbuildings, gardens and yard spaces you will find a never ending supply of workout weights. I don’t know why.) and set up a workout area. It might not get much use until BJ and Thomas are in residence but who knows.


That sink will come out during the demo and that area will become the laundry area. It will be nice that the kids won’t have to drag their laundry over to my house anymore. I love those built in cabinets to the left. A little paint and they will be awesome.


More built in cabinets under the stairs.


And the basement even came with a 3 piece bathroom. Well kinda… there is a shower and a sink and a toilet, but it’s definitely not a traditional bathroom.


Those old shower tiles are awesome and they all seem to be in good shape, no broken tiles!


I love the little nook with the toilet and I love that toilet seat. How cute is that flower on the lid? The funny thing about the toilet nook is the door and wall don’t go all the way to the ceiling or floor, much like a public restroom. A little awkward if you’re having guests over. 🙂


This door goes into the workshop.


This is a great workshop with custom made workbenches and shelves. It will be a great place for the kids to work on small projects. Hmm I wonder if that will ever happen?


And look another door on the other side of the workshop.


Which goes into a cold storage room. This house has everything!


The basement also needs some work, all the loose floor tiles need to be removed and all the ceiling tiles need to come down. I’m sure there is asbestos in both of those so that is a job that needs to be done very carefully. Next I am going to power wash everything. and finally I’ll get out my paint sprayer and paint all the walls then paint the floors. When I’m done it should be a clean, bright and very usable space.

I wonder if my vision of the basement space matches up to what the kids have planned?


1 thought on “Basements and attics

  1. It looks like you’re well on your way to remodeling the house — at least you have it figured out in your head. Can’t wait to see the finished result.

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