Some more outdoor pics

This is not the prettiest time of year to be buying houses. Who knows what flowers will pop up this spring and the yard is bound to look nicer once the grass fills in and there’s some color. Plus the tree in the backyard appears to be a flowering tree, maybe a Mimosa or something else.

I already told the kids the garage is mine. Finally I have a place to store all my furniture for the booth. Megan, Daniel’s girlfriend said she would just go through the garage looking for furniture she can use in the house. Smart girl that’s what would I do too.


The driveway’s a little rough but I don’t see that really causing any problems. We’ll set up a little seating area in this nook. The back yard is completely fenced in so Lil’ Ann will be coming with me to help with the demo and keep me company. Also I’m hoping the house won’t feel as spooky if she’s there to bark at everything.

IMG_3910The house is being over run by ivy. Which I LOVE, but sadly Dan says we have to tear it all down. It has ensconced the chimney and is growing through the soffit into the attic. Since it’s actually damaging the house I guess it has to go. There is actually a window under all that ivy, I’m guessing there will be much more light in that room once the ivy is gone. Speaking of soffits there’s not too much work that needs to be done on the outside of the house since it’s all brick. Except for the soffits, storm windows and garage door. Those all need to be scraped and painted. That’s the last thing on my to do list. Oh and maybe some new hand rails, those 2 x 4’s don’t really match the style of the house.

IMG_3914And finally…I love this last picture of the house. It has a face! Two eyes and a mouth. She looks a little sad right now, but I’m sure once we get her cleaned up she’ll look much happier.

IMG_3917We close on Tues and the dumpster is being delivered on Wed. I’m dropping Thomas off at COSI Wed. morning then heading straight to the house to get to the work. My first day working on the house and I’ll be all alone, unless Dan can skip work and come demo with me…The next post about the house will be after the reno starts!


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