Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market

Twice a year my friend Kristen and I (try) to leave the house by 7am for an all day junk/ antique shopping extravaganza in Springfield. This year the weather didn’t really cooperate for our fun day of shopping. Even though its supposed to be spring we ended up havign to buy hats and gloves so we didn’t freeze to death. But we still stuck it out for our all day shopping event and found plenty of treasures.

We always have a list of things that we’re looking for. This year my list had lighting for the new house, pyrex dishes, vintage kitchen utensils, hardware, knobs and casters, maple syrup container, ironstone and dansk cookware. I found most the items on my list but a few things I’ll have to keep searching for.

Here is all my lighting that I found, a fixture for the living room and closet. And 2 heavy metal colanders that I am going to make into pendant lights for the kitchen.


I have a love affair going with vintage pyrex dishes. I have been trying not to buy any until my kitchen renovation is complete and I actually have somewhere to put them. But with hope of that dwindling I decided to go ahead and start buying some now. How could you ever resist all those pretty colors?


And here are all my pieces displayed on my hutch. I really don’t have too much and they all look so pretty together.


Since the one construction job around here that may actually be finished sometime soon is the front porch I did decide to buy some fun stuff for that. I have plans of filling it up with lots of potted plants so i was looking for some new fun vases.



This is the only big thing I bought and I think it will look great filled up with plants on the front porch.


I didn’t find any Dansk cookware but I did find this awesome enameled cast iron pot from Holland. They make the coolest kitchen stuff in Holland.


I couldn’t resist this turquoise blanket and not just because I was freezing to death!


Another very small collection I am starting is hand mirrors, this is only my 3rd one so it is definately a small collection.

IMG_4346 IMG_4345

I guess these are for hanging stuff in the kitchen but when I bought them I was thinking they were planters to hang on the fence. I think that’s what I’ll use them for.

IMG_4343 IMG_4342

Hmm well this is beginning to sound like I’m a hoarder but one more thing I’ve started collecting is vintage cake carriers. I am particular about the ones I keep. If they aren’t what I’m looking for then I put them in my booth to sale. This is only the second one I’ve kept for myself, but I have put several in the booth.


More fun kitchen stuff…


A few items for me and few items for the booth. Sadly most the prices at Springfield are too high for me to resell stuff. But every now and then I find something cheap enough that I can make a little profit off of it.

Oh and I finally bought my first piece of Ironstone china (the platter below) also a new collection I’m just starting.


These beads are for a chandelier that I’m redoing for the booth. And the clip on earrings will be made into flowers.


And who doesn’t need casters? These are so expensive that whenever I find them for a good price I have to buy them!


That was all my treasures from a day of hunting. I can’t wait for our next marathon shopping day.

So much painting…

There is a lot of prep that goes into painting an entire house. Especially when the house was previously owned by chain-smoking, animal-loving, hoarders that had not painted or even cleaned the house in decades. All of the walls had to be washed, that alone made a huge difference. But the sludgey brown water that constantly needed to be changed was just gross. Then every metal window frame needed to be scrubbed, it took at least an hour probably 2 or 3 for each window to wash all that nicotine off. Then all the woodwork had to be cleaned just so we could stick tape on it. After all that came peeling off the loose wallpaper that covered all the plaster walls. In some places it felt like it had been absorbed into the plaster and was not going anywhere. And in other places it peeled off in sheets. Unfortunately, just about every where it peeled off revealed large cracks in the plaster that needed to be repaired. So lots of mudding and sanding ensued on the walls and the ceiling.

I did have some help through this process, Megan came over and helped clean windows one day and Beth was in charge of her bedroom. She has done all the scraping, mudding, sanding and painting in there. While Thomas didn’t really help with the walls or windows he did scrub all the hardwood floors several times, trying to wash off the brown gunk that was left behind under the carpets. A mixture of animal remains and grime. It was completely disgusting. And while the floors still need to be sanded at least they’re not gross to walk on anymore.

So after several weeks of prepping the walls and ceiling I was finally ready to paint. As soon as the painting started my mom was there to help. Not only does she come over and help paint but she also buys me lunch. She is the best helper!

I started with 1 coat of primer on everything, then 2 coats of ceiling paint. But I could still see stains bleeding though so my dad came over and did a 3rd coat of ceiling paint in the dining room and living room. I should also mention that while I have been working on all the flat surfaces in the house, Dan has replaced all the plumbing and is now replacing all the electric. Which means all this painting is being done with no lights, or heat or air conditioning. And depending on the day we have needed all 3. Some rooms have great natural light and they are so much nicer to paint in. The office only has 1 window so its like painting in a dungeon. When we finally have lights again it will be interesting to see how that paint job really turned out!

Once the ceilings were all painted the fun finally began. The dining room and office are completely painted. Here is the dining room with it’s freshly painted creamy yellow walls. It is so bright and cheery in there.


And here is the office, one wall was painted with chalkboard paint and the rest of the walls are a grayish/blue. I can’t wait to see this room with the lights on. It’s a weird feeling painting a wall black. But I kinda love it. I’m pretty sure my dad thinks I’m crazy. That chalkboard wall will be a great place for Beth and Megan to work on their creations or maybe Daniel will solve some complicated programming problem. Most likely it will be full of obscene words and dirty jokes.


And Beth’s room is almost done. The walls are finished but I’m still working on her ceiling. After removing the drop ceiling in her room, I’ve had quite a lot of repair work to do on the plaster.

She chose to do 3 walls white and I wall sea-foam green. She has lots of plans for this room. After spending most of her life in a basement she is really excited about having a real bedroom with windows and closets!


I’m going away next week but once I get back home we’ll finish painting the rest of the rooms and hopefully Dan will be ready for me to start working on the kitchen and bathroom.

Rock Climbing at Geneva Hills

Thomas, Dan and I spent this past weekend camping, about an hour away from home, so that Thomas could do his first outdoor rock climbing. He has been climbing at Vertical Adventures for the past year, but this was his first time climbing on actual rocks! it was a great weekend spent with some really nice rock climbing families. We can’t go wait to go back again.


This is Thomas’ first ascent up the boulder.


I am amazed at how strong he has gotten this year. He is no longer my little boy, he has definitely grown into a man body.




He looks pretty proud of himself. Actually, I think he’s laughing because his coach Justin chastised him for whale-rolling onto the top.


And since this was a rock climbing trip of course he needed to bring the slack line.




Geneva Hills is privately owned summer camp facility on 350 acres in Lancaster, which just happens to have some undeveloped rock climbing areas. In exchange for the climbers coming in and clearing out paths to the boulders and cleaning off the rocks, we get to camp for just a donation to the campground. It was a beautiful area, that we’re looking forward to returning to.



and here’s a few more pics of Thomas climbing some of the others boulders.