We’re rounding a corner

After leaving the house the other day Thomas stated rather incredibly, “we’re almost done.” While that’s not quite true I did find it inspiring that we were at a point where that statement could even be made. I’ve been saying for while that this house is killing me. It has been a lot of work, a lot more than I thought it would be in the beginning. And it has been less than helpful for Dan and mine’s relationship. Having 2 houses under construction is a little more than we can handle apparently. I am really looking forward to having my life back. We did not meet our self imposed deadline of the end of May. Hopefully, we will make our new deadline of being done by the time we go to North Carolina. That gives us a little less than 3 weeks! Yikes!

All of the rooms are done being painted minus the kitchen, bath, basement stairwell and Beth’s ceiling. After painting 3 coats of paint on Daniel’s bedroom ceiling he mentioned that he would really like the ceiling to be dark blue. Argh! But I decided to go ahead and do 2 more coats on the ceiling so he could have what he wanted. Did I mention how much I dislike painting ceilings? I also decided to use Frog Tape’s shape tape, to get this zig-zag line. I like the way it looks but what a pain in the butt.

IMG_4366I don’t really love the colors, but I couldn’t stand to paint the room again so this is how it’s staying.IMG_4367 IMG_4365This is the original antique light fixture that was in the room. We took it down, replaced the electrical parts and cleaned it up with just soap and water but oh boy did that change it dramatically! It was brown before the cleaning (I assume from all the nicotine) now it is a really pretty silver.IMG_4368Here’s a before and after of the light fixture:IMG_4313 I also finished the living room and hallway. I love the light gray color. It is hard to find a good gray that doesn’t look too blue.IMG_4361t’s hard to tell with the shadows but it looks really nice witht eh light yellow dining room.

IMG_4360 IMG_4359This is the light that I found at the Springfield antique sale, just a little bit of paint on the base and it looks better than new. I think it looks great in the living room.

IMG_4371This is the hallway closet. I’m so jealous of all the closets in this house. They’re really just  a normal amount of closets but since my house doesn’t have even one closet it seems like a lot.IMG_4370 IMG_4369

Dan has been working hard finishing up all the electric and plumbing and getting the kitchen and bathroom drywalled. I’ll go in today to sand then it will be time to start painting those rooms.  IMG_4372We kept the original tub it just has to be shined up a little bit.

IMG_4363  IMG_4362We’ve also finished power washing the basement and have started painting on the waterproofing paint. The first coat went on yesterday, I wonder how its working against todays rain. Thomas is going to help me pick up another 5 gallons (literally, that stuff is heavy!) of the waterproofing stuff and he’s going to paint a coat on today. After that goes on we should be done with the basement. I had big plans for painting all the walls and floors but I think I’ll just leave the paint and tools and let the kids do it after they move in.IMG_4379 IMG_4376Thomas was right, we are almost done. Thank goodness!

4 thoughts on “We’re rounding a corner

  1. the house is looking awesome! and I am very familiar with projects/businesses challenging family life. I can appreciate that really. It will all work out. We learned so much through our challenges. Love the wavy blue ceiling edge!! Really pretty.

  2. I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten accomplished. You guys should be proud. Maybe you should hold a party there before the kids move in.

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